lots of hats

March 15th, 2014

like you i am sure – i wear a lot of hats.  my favorite and most used is my mom hat… but coming in a close second in use is my 27 month old hat i wear as representative of gifts and home decor for werner frank enterprises… and i bet you can guess that the initially amy fay hat is very well worn…

with my rep hat i get to sell about 25 beautiful lines to retailers all across tennessee and kentucky… if it sounds fun – it is.  i have met tons of wonderful southerners in small towns i never knew existed and big cities that can be overwhelming until i realize i can only walk in one door at a time…

initially amy fay continues to grow in our brick and mortar location with more than 6 shops within the southern market including our newest, The Registry, where brides or anyone with a special occasion can register for whatever initially amy fay offers.  our website has obviously been a challenge to maintain with my busier schedule… but i am always available for you via email amyfay@initiallyamyfay.com or phone – call or text 865.679.0865.  holly is store manager for initially amy fay at southern market… if you have shopped with us you likely know who she is… she is wonderful!

some of our favorite lines that we carry in a big way are ROOT candles, Arthur Court Designs, and Casafina Gifts and Stoneware.  ROOT is hands down the best candle made… 145 year old AMERICAN company still owned and run by the ROOT family in Medina, OH… if you’ve burned one, you know.  Arthur Court Designs is fun, beautiful and functional serve ware and gifts… yes, THE Arthur Court started the company in 1966 and at 85 years old still goes to the office everyday.  i hope i can do what i love when i am 85!  Casafina Stoneware is made in Portugal in the finest factories in the world for ceramics… and is beautiful… our house is filled with the arabesque pattern… love!

this is just a little update…hope to write more this year than i did last… lol… happy march!


amy fay

love spring!

March 21st, 2013

i love spring… not to say that i don’t love the other seasons… but spring brings flowers and more sun and Easter… it just seems like if something in life isn’t quite right – springtime can make it better just by arriving…

there are people in my life like that… and i hope yours, too… those people who simply arrive – are simply there – and life seems better… they are the ones who love you no matter what – who cheer you on to try again after you goof – those people who believe in you…

i hope first that you believe in you – and second that you have special people in your life who believe in you and cheer you on… if you feel like you don’t… just become that person for someone else… 

one of my favorite stories my momma told me was about going to her first high school dance in a new school and new city for her… my grandmomma, fay – 2 momma to us, told her to find someone at the dance who looked more miserable than she might be feeling – and make absolutely sure that person had a good time at the dance.  my momma did - and you know she was blessed with a wonderful evening, too.  mommas are usually right… :)

happy spring!  hope you find the dance in you this year… and it’s ok to be starting fresh!

xo, amy fay

tailgate time!

August 25th, 2012

hey y’all… my girlfriend wondered what was up when she saw the last post was memorial day… all is good… I am staying busy thanks to you shoppers and a new job I started this year… having so much fun doing it I am not sure it is a real job!  I represent several beautiful lines to retailers in tennessee and kentucky… so life just got a little crazier and blogging has taken a back seat…

this weekend kicks off tailgate time in tennessee for us big orange fans in knoxville… as I am sure it does in your town, too!  if you are nearby – stop by the southern market today… some retailers will have their trunks decorated with specials in the front parking lot… you won’t find us out there – but you will find lots of great game day goodies inside!

hope to see y’all soon – thanks for visiting us here!

xo, amy fay

happy memorial day

May 27th, 2012

a heartfelt thanks to all men and woman in uniform… we appreciate your dedication to our country and your sacrifice for our country!! thanks also to all of your families!!!

HGTV Dream Home 2012

December 1st, 2011

GIFT VOTE STARTED!!! we are the tenth set of gifts…  very fun… check out the grape wine set, set of 4 napkins with manner reminders stitched to read and the wonderful absorbent made in mississippi coasters we love so much!  thanks for visiting us… and remember to vote and register to win the DREAM HOME when the time comes!!

xo, amy fay


happy thanksgiving!

November 20th, 2011

happy thanksgiving, dear friends and customers!  we appreciate you and feel blessed and thankful for you every day!  we hope that your thanksgiving table is as filled with friends and family as it is with food and love…

enjoy your week… and we’re saying a prayer for safe travels for you all…

thank YOU!


amy fay

865.679.0865 and wrapping updates

November 17th, 2011

that’s our contact number… so sorry our contact link is not directed correctly at the moment… amyfay@initiallyamyfay.com is the email address we check most often… feel free to text, email, call, etc… we love to hear from you!

if your package is being shipped to a military address – all gift-wrapping is complimentary – always.  our website may or may not accept the address – so just give us a quick call, and we’ll make it easy for you… and your gifts will be beautiful complete with hand-written enclosure cards!

southern girl and girls gone vol tees also come with complimentary wrapping… always.

we are thankful and feel blessed to have our website so busy already for the holidays!  thanks a bunch, y’all – we’ll do our very best to give you the best in service and great gifts from which to choose and give!!


amy fay

hgtv dream home 2012

October 25th, 2011

yup, you might have guessed if you know us… we are once again a housewarming gifts retailer for the hgtv dream home!  we are so pumped!  this year the home is in park city, utah (well, 2012… but the gifts vote begins december 1st!)  if you want to explore what has been revealed so far – check out hgtv.com and go to the dream home tab.  be sure to sign up for the emails on our site and theirs… and then vote on the gifts you like best starting dec. 1… and enter to win the home!

we are in the process of choosing the gifts on which thousands of people will vote… and of course, if you have an opinion, we want to hear it!  what initially amy fay products are your faves?  what do you think we should choose for the dream home?  thanks for leaving a comment – we love to hear from you!


amy fay

southern girls, vol chicks

September 9th, 2011

hey y’all…

we have orange southern girl tees back in stock – and so do many of our retailers across tennessee!  the junior cut and woman cut are here again both in the orange and the heather gray with “southern” in orange!  we also have some new choices – not even online yet – but making their way out to stores – chocolate with orange in junior cut and long-sleeve woman cut is a new fave of ours for fall!  you’ll be able to check it all out soon here at our site… and if you aren’t in our area – be sure to shop one of our retailers!  we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction – just let us hear your where abouts!

our girls gone vol line designed by tennessee’s own laura morris is ROCKIN’!!!  it’s so great we’ve already noticed knock-offs… but we can assure you there is nothing as nice as the originals!  and if you’re a vol fan you can feel good about a portion returning to the school holdin’ your heart… just shop online with us or with one of our awesome boutique retailers!  GO VOLS!!


amy fay

deal chickeners, welcome!

August 24th, 2011

hey y’all!  so glad you are visiting us today.  we don’t do many specials like this as it is only our second in a year – but we hope you’ll have fun choosing a gift or even better – something for you!  the website  gives you a great idea about what we carry – but the shops are packed with even more!  if you’ve never been, southern market is a treat to visit with many talented vendors coming together to create an upscale atmosphere with all kinds of gifts and décor.

this year we launched two new lines of t-shirts, southern girl and girls gone vol, which we carry along with several boutiques in Tennessee.  check them out – and if you are not in our bearden area, we can direct you another lovely shop closer to you to see them “up close!”  there is a fit and color just for you as the southern girl line has sizes ranging from small youth all the way to our hot momma plus!

with three sons and a husband at home, I tell people that this is my girlie outlet… something that has grown a bunch in the past nine years – and–something that I absolutely love.  one of the most fun things for me is seeing y’all in the store, meeting you or catching up, and helping you choose whatever it is you need – or just want!  our big tailgate weekend is this saturday – and we’d love to have you visit!  thanks for reading!  hope to see you soon in the store or on facebook – or twitter! :)


amy fay